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Chief of Staff

First Round San Francisco, California

We’re looking for a Chief of Staff to collaborate with Phin Barnes to help founders win. From finding ways to expand the First Round community and build our brand to supporting founders after we partner with them, as a Chief of Staff, you will get up every day to shorten the distance from inspiration to action for our partners and our founders.

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In this role, you will have the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best founders as they navigate the challenges of building companies from the ground up. Your service will support engagement in the First Round community and unlock access to best practices in design, product management, HR, sales, engineering, operations and more. On top of that, you will work with Phin to tackle research projects, stay on top of trends and expand First Round’s network in new areas of interest.

Listing Requirements

Interested? Here’s what we are looking for:
You call yourself efficient if asked for the one word that best describes your approach. Organized and systematic, you believe in the power of using the right tool for the right job and you always know where to find it.
Just the word ‘autonomy’ makes you happy. While the Chief of Staff role will report to Phin, we’re really looking for a self-starter who can handle projects from start to finish. You’re comfortable on your own and feel ready to contribute fresh ideas to strengthen not just the product Phin delivers to the founders he works with, but the First Round product overall.
You believe in the butterfly effect and this drives an obsessive focus on details and quality. This shows up in your attention to the grammatical structure of your emails and your willingness to go the extra mile to make a founder feel special. It probably also affects the way you organize your closet.
You’re a founder advocate. You bring a genuine curiosity about their business objectives and goals — and use this deeper understanding to align our efforts with the founder’s needs.
Steep learning curves thrill you. You already have experience and good instincts when it comes to understanding markets, moats, distribution and defensibility. Great. But we’re always trying to push the envelope — keeping our eyes fixed on new trends, new networks to develop, and new products, services and systems to build in the service of the First Round community.
You understand the power of connections. You can identify organic growth opportunities with existing relationships and understand how to strategically expand our network to make sure that First Round is top of mind for the right people at the right time.
Tech fascinates you.You don’t necessarily need deep knowledge of venture capital, but you should be willing to learn it fast. If you’ve built technology products before, that’s a plus. If you’re enthralled by what the future holds and how entrepreneurs are leveraging business models and finance to get us there, that’s even better.
Employment Type: Employee
Work Schedule: Full-time
Requires Management of Others: Yes
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