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Pho 79 Garden Grove, California

Are you looking for something to eat in Southern California and can't decide? We have the perfect place for you called Pho 79 in Garden Grove, California. Even though you can eat at many Vietnamese restaurants, this is one of the few restaurants that are best-in-class validated by the long lines and various awards. Are you ready to eat the best pho?

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Garden Grove Vietnamese restaurant Pho 79 has been awarded the prestigious James Beard America’s Classics honor for its contributions to the country’s dining landscape. As one of the first pho specialists when it opened in 1982, Thọ Trần and Liễu Trần’s restaurant nourished Orange County’s growing Little Saigon neighborhood and introduced Southern California to one of Vietnam’s most iconic dishes: beef pho. They are also one of the few Vietnamese restaurants to use technology for ordering via Ipads.

What is the James Beard award? The James Beard Foundation lauded Pho 79 for being "among the area's very first restaurants of its kind, introducing Americans to bowls of slippery rice noodles in beefy broth, topped with eye of round steak, brisket, tripe, meatballs." It wasn't the first or only pho restaurant in the area but Pho 79 distinguished itself with its flavors. To create the restaurant's rich, signature broth, cooks simmer oxtail for half a day. Not only do they serve Pho, they also have many other Vietnamese delicacies. The link to their menu is attached: http://www.pho79.com/menu1.html
Business Status: For-Profit
Business Value: Products & Services
Business Size: 10 - 100 employees
Business Specialty: Growth-Hacking
Business Market: Small Business (SMB)
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