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In a progressive society, everyone in that society looks out for the benefit of all its members not just their personal interests. This philosophy has always been the best strategy as it creates win-win scenarios. It is a model of giving people a hand up not a hand out.

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Climate change is something that would seem apolitical. But judging from politicians on both sides, the political bantering has taken sides rather than solving the problem globally. Climate change should be about the Future of the World not a political soundbite.

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Social Media is important to every Entrepreneur. We have chosen to use those Social Media channels where we can collaborate and connect with our core customer. These channels also help us fulfill our mission of "Entrepreneurs helping other Entrepreneurs Succeed."

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Every Entrepreneur has a calling or a higher purpose for what they do. Surprisingly, making money is not a true calling in Life or in Business. This calling or higher purpose should be part of your mission to serve Humanity. What is God's Plan for you?

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"They just don't care!" Those words should make you shudder as a Founder or CEO. But that is what your customers are saying about your employees and customers when they don't react positively to issues or requests. A company that does not care is the same as a company in bankruptcy.

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As Technology and the World changes, we need to change with it. The status quo has never been accepted as the right way to do business.  We at FREEAG8 don't want to do the "in" thing but the "right" thing. The difference in these two things is the commitment.

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