The Last of the Management Thinkers

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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 7 months ago

Our team was discussing the effect management thinkers have on innovation and future Entrepreneurs. The question came up, "What is happening to all the Management Thinkers?" We talked about Peter Drucker and his contribution in mentoring future management thinkers. Warren Bennis and Stephen Covey also contributed greatly as management thinkers while they were alive. Other names that came up in discussing management thinkers (still alive) included Jim Collins, Tom Peters, Michael Porter, Clay Christensen, and Charles Handy.

Many of these thinkers came from Harvard Business School and are now in their prime ages. The next cohort of management thinkers will define business success and leadership. But our dilemma was identifying who this next cohort of management thinkers could be. There is a void arising sort of like in the historical novel and movie "The Last of the Mohicans" where native Americans were disappearing. Is the void causing this last generational cohort to be "The Last of the Management Thinkers?"

Something we pondered for some time. The solution to this is an individual and group effort to keep the best of management thought alive through a management revolution. We will leave you with some food for thought. The great management theorist and storyteller Charles Handy expressed this well in Vienna last fall, at his closing address to the 2017 Global Peter Drucker Forum. He urged managers to be inspired by their enterprises’ power to make a difference. “Let us just spark small fires in the darkness,” he said, “until they spread and the world is alight.” Leave your comments below.


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