Startups and Failure

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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 1 month ago

The exciting part of being an entrepreneur is when you have a high-growth startup. Your idea has been validated by your customers and sales are booming. The initial funding was seeded by you and your family and friends. The dilemma now comes into play whether you need Venture Capital to get your startup to the next level of growth and success.

No Entrepreneur really plans to fail during a startup. But there are steps that could be taken to ensure success. According to CB insights, the top three reasons for startup failure based on an analysis of 101 startup post-mortems include the following:

1) No market need.
2) Ran out of cash.
3) Not the right Team.

We believe that these top three reasons can be avoided through the right entrepreneurial ecosystem. This is why we founded FREEAG8, to be a support system for Free Agents and Entrepreneurs on their path to growth and success.

The best advice we ever got on VC was this "don't pursue the Venture Capital, pursue creating GREAT products and services." Once customers realize your value proposition, the funding will follow. FREEAG8 is continually creating and developing new products and services that create value for our entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our goal is to help our core customers (Free Agents and Entrepreneurs) succeed by gaining access to partners and investors in our Premier Business Platform and Ecosystem.


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