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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 1 month ago

There is something strange going on in our communities today and it has to do with technology. When you are outside exercising or taking a walk, a certain occurrence is happening around the world. This pertains to how we treat each other in person and on social media.

Have you noticed that we don't say "Hi" or any variation of that anymore? With the younger generation, we noticed it's because of their addiction to technology. When they see you, they are more focused on their smart phones or whatever trendy game that just came out. If that is something we've learned from the previous generation, the behaviors have also moved over to social media. Social Media isn't social anymore. Put more bluntly by a twitter poster, "We have too many followers and not enough thinkers." Are we thinking about how our actions affect each other?

If we did, maybe we would think twice about using simple words of kindness. Take the time to acknowledge each other's humanity. This simple gesture of acknowledgement can change the world if we all did it daily. It should happen IRL along with on Social Media. We can argue that on Social Media it is more important as you can't see body language and emotions. So instead of looking for the likes, thumbs up, or retweets, look for the opportunity to be kind.

We need more kindness in the world today especially with all the problems we face. Start by saying those words: Hi, Hello, How are you doing?, or 100s of other ways to acknowledge each other. This can make a big difference to that person in the moment. In doing so, we are realizing our own humanity. BE KIND TO EACH OTHER! SAY HI WHEN YOU SEE EACH OTHER! WE CAN MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE PLEASE...


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