Tark: An ecological payment system that conforms to the spirit of the blockchain era

tongzhengshijie Posted 5 months ago

The emergence of blockchain technology has undoubtedly changed the development process of the global digital payment business. Digital assets have been used extensively since its appearance. The payment clearing agency headed by UnionPay has felt an unprecedented crisis. In this regard, Mr. Bowen from Tark Global Operations Center believes that the emergence of digital assets is the biggest challenge for traditional clearing organizations, and this is also their current concern.

Payment in the blockchain era must not be the centralized payment of the current clearing agencies.
There are at least two basic characteristics of blockchain payment: one is to achieve a truly decentralized payment method which will not rely on any third-party platform; the second is the payment of digital assets is everywhere.

The original intention of the design of Bitcoin was to achieve a true decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash payment. However, Bitcoin is unable to become the basic payment digital asset because of its slow block, high commission and weak scalability. Although there were stores that have accepted Bitcoin to pay for coffee or other goods, in essence, this is just a marketing tool and not a routine and practical payment method. In consideration of the transaction cost, the transaction speed, or the stability of the price, Bitcoin can not meet the payment needs in real world.

To solve this problem, we need an ecological payment system that conforms to the spirit of the blockchain era.

From the planning of Tark, we can see that its core is to realize the payment of digital assets in real life. In the Tark payment system, it first designed the decentralized ecology. In the centralized payment ecosystem, the payment service provider received a fee, while Tark tried to decentralize the payment ecosystem and allow all participants in the system to obtain the proceeds. The system uses the currency transaction method without providing funds pool, official carriers or other centralized organizations.

One of the biggest problems in the digital asset payments in the blockchain era is how to achieve high performance with low fees. If you can't do this, the digital asset payment such as Bitcoin is the moon in the water. Tark is clearly aware of this. Tark is currently based on the fourth-generation blockchain core technology, using the lightning network solution, trying to achieve a million tps, while maintaining low service fee.

From the perspective of commercial digital assets, any organization or user who registers with Tark will be assigned a globally cryptographic account. Based on the fourth-generation blockchain technology, different local currency transfers are implemented to achieve peer-to-peer transactions. This transaction process, adopting distributed accounting, using Tark system to verify, store and update the ledger, optimizing the transaction process, simplifying the reconciliation, is a subversive change to the transfer clearing institution, and we can not see the advantages of commercial banks and the transfer clearing agencies during this process.

From the perspective of security performance, Tark payment system has two super features of security and anonymity. It also has the first dual-form cold wallet security protection mode in the world, which has achieved a major breakthrough in technology, and the application fully reflects the blockchain spirit. The wallet has six advantages of multi-currency, super fast speed, multi-account system, offline signature, multiple verification, and open third-party ecology.
From the payment scenario and user experience, users using BTC or ETH to pay is similar to existing mobile payment. In terms of user experience, as long as people have used mobile payment, there is basically no obstacles in using Tark payment system.

Overall, Tark tries to provide infrastructure for real-world payments of digital tokens through its own solutions, enable the seamless payment of digital assets in the real world, and ultimately realize the vision of global digital banking.
Download address of Tark payment system : http://www.tarkwallet.com/download/down.html
Chinese telegram group: https://t.me/TARKOFFICIAL_CN
English telegram group: https://t.me/TARKOFFICIAL_EN


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