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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 6 months ago

As an Entrepreneur and Founder, you initially believe naïvely with "rose-colored glasses" that you will change the world. You want to create products and services that benefit society and humanity. To maintain this humility and integrity, you have to be more than an average entrepreneur as you are going to have your naysayers and haters.

We once heard a legendary VC note that they don't invest in exit plans, they invest in great Entrepreneurs and Founders who want to build sustainable, built-to-last businesses. The difference is in the time span as one is short-term thinking and the other is long-term thinking. Which one do you think is going to #changetheworld?

Here is our list of Entrepreneurs and Founders who built great technology businesses:

Bill Gates @Microsoft
Steve Jobs @Apple
Michael Dell @Dell
Marc Benioff @SalesForce
Elon Musk @Tesla @SpaceX
Jack Ma @Alibaba
Jeff Bezos @Amazon

You may notice that most of these names are technology visionaries. Technology is changing the way we do business and one of the biggest trends that will change our lives is artificial intelligence. Who would you include on this list of great entrepreneurs and founders? Let us know on our forum or Twitter @freeag8


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