Character and Integrity in Leadership

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quan (Free Agent) Posted 7 months ago

Does character and integrity in leadership matter any more? I have been in some bad companies where the leaders are even worse. Doing the right thing is the last thing on their mind. But is this type of leadership sustainable in business or politics? The proof is in the #MeToo movement and the fallen executives and politicians. We have let this culture of harassment and discrimination become part of our organizations without any accountability or transparency.

I don't consider myself a feminist but a firm believer in leaders with character and integrity. It's just common sense to treat your employees fairly and follow the Golden Rule of do onto others as you would like done unto you. The absence of this common sense has creeped into many businesses and politics. It just isn't sustainable and starts with the leadership. The best advice I have ever heard is don't do anything that you don't want broadcasted on the front page of the news.

So no matter your politics, race, gender or culture, understand that your character and integrity does matter as a Leader. Your people, employees, community, and stakeholders depend on you doing the right thing. That is the bottom line for business and politics.


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