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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 1 month ago

Entrepreneurs and Founders understand the difficulties of startups. The long nights, barely making payroll, and many rejections from investors. But for those Entrepreneurs and Founders with great People and a greater Purpose, their path to success are inevitable. For those who have read Victor Frankl's book, they understand that humans can overcome overbearing obstacles and suffering. Frankl's book Man’s Search for Meaning explains how he survived a Nazi death camp. After reading this book, your difficulties in entrepreneurship looks like child's play. An excerpt of the book is included below.

"And yet, Frankl argues that despite the hellish conditions, some prisoners rose above their pain and continued to treat their fellow prisoners with compassion. They exercised what little freedom they had within themselves and adjusted their attitude toward their suffering, even if they could not eliminate the root of that suffering. While surviving the camps was largely a matter of luck, Frankl writes that those who were able to keep themselves going without committing suicide or choosing to waste away tended to have something to live for, a higher purpose to pursue. He argues that those who dedicate their lives to something can face any pain or hardship."

We would highly recommend this book for those wanting to be an Entrepreneur. What do you think about People and Purpose? Let us know on our forum or Twitter feed. Thank You.


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