Is Diversity Dead in Politics and Business?

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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 6 months ago

This discussion came up with the news of the thinning democratic pool of Presidential candidates. The political buzzword was People of Color (POC) known in business as simply diversity. This is hypocritical because even with POCs that include Julian Castro and Kamala Harris. The media chooses to ignore the Asian entrepreneur, Andrew Yang, and the Hindu congresswoman, Tulsi Gabbard in this grouping of POC. This has been the problem in politics and business that diversity is just a buzzword. The bottom line is a failure of leadership to instill a culture of diversity through their actions.

This is summed up perfectly in Kaylee McGhee's opinion piece in the Washington Examiner. "The lack of diversity among Democratic presidential contenders is a problem the Democratic Party has created for itself, and now it must figure out how to fix it — if it even can be fixed. The party's base is clearly moving in a different direction, and whether that can be reconciled with the Democratic Party’s progressive appeal is something it must decide in the coming months."

Think about it? As an Entrepreneur and Founder, you actually have the power to change your culture and practice diversity. It starts not with your words but in your promotions and hiring practices. Entrepreneurship is about action not talk. Let us know what you think in the comment section or on our Twitter feed.


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