What would you do with $500M during COVID19?

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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 18 days ago

During this unprecedented pandemic, there has been deep sadness over those who died and those who are suffering. This could be caused by a job loss, death in the family, poor health, or simple hopelessness in the current world. During these times, we need leadership. We need Leaders who have empathy and compassion towards those suffering.

Anyone can make money, but there are a rare few that will make a big difference in this world. Let's say that you made it as an Entrepreneur and you had an extra $500M that you were going to give as philanthropy. The impact you could make would depend on who you give it to and how they would use the money. Why do we start at $500M? The reason we used this amount because this is the amount Bloomberg spend during his failed Presidential run. So this scenario is viable if you are a billionaire. Here are our suggestions to spend $500M:

-- Invest $1 million dollars in 500 startups.
-- Invest $500,000 dollars in 1000 small businesses.
-- Donate $100,000 dollars to 5,000 regional food banks.
-- Give $50,000 bonuses to the 10,000 loyal employees who helped you build your business.
-- Give $100 to 5,000,000 individuals to use to pay it forward.

You probably get by now the impact this type of money could be used for. Just remember this, "With Great Power, There is Great Responsibility." This responsibility comes in the benevolence of your wealth. Do it for humanity...

Let us know what you think on our forum or on our Twitter feed. Thank You.

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quan (Free Agent) Posted 18 days ago

Mad that Bloomberg would spend over $500 million for his stupid presidential run. While we have the worst pandemic in decades, you hear nothing but crickets. Not even for his hometown of New York. The idiot probably on his yacht hiding out.


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