Financial Literacy

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quan (Free Agent) Posted 23 days ago

As an Entrepreneur, you wear many hats. One of these hats is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and/or Certified Public Accountant. This is important because Finance is the language of business and your business finances validates how well your company is doing. I don't remember learning accounting and finance until I got into college.

Why don't we teach students earlier about financial literacy? In an informal study, educators asked what subject high school students wished they learned in school. The answer was FINANCIAL LITERACY. Students wanted to learn how to open a bank account, pay taxes, and create a budget—skills that will help them survive and thrive in life after high school.

As an Entrepreneur and a Mom, financial literacy is important for the family and the business. Teaching children at an early age is important as it sets the foundation for their future. It's up to us as parents and business owners that financial literacy is taught.

Financial literacy is an important subject for the economy and the labor force as it involves skills sets. What do you think about teaching financial literacy in high school?


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