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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 7 months ago

Every day in the economy there is a War for Talent. This is not in the form of a cyberwar or a physical war with troops on the ground. The military is often an "overlooked" source for Talent to support startups and small business. This is a national embarrassment as veterans already understand the business concepts of discipline, teamwork, leadership, strategy, innovation, and disruption. Real war is great training ground for the "war-like" environment you have in a startup and small business.

This is stated eloquently by Sean Haggerty, a Navy Seal and an Entrepreneur, "I knew when I was getting out I wanted to be an entrepreneur. Startups involve the same kind of chaos: You have to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems, you're being pushed every day...and it's up to you to find the motivation and willpower to keep going." The startup world is not a "life or death" situation but the pressure can sometimes be as extreme. This is even more important to startups and small business as the unemployment level has been historically low during the last few years (3.7% as of September 2018).

Another great example of the benefits of the military in entrepreneurship is Israel. Tel Aviv has the highest number of startups per capita in the world, and the highest investment of GDP in research and development (R&D) according to statistics in the 2018 Global Startup Ecosystem Report. Much of this success is the military training entrepreneurs receive at an early age. The additional proof is looking at how large tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel have set up incubators and research facilities in Israel.

At FREEAG8, we have many people who are related to veterans. The FREEAG8 Team wants to thank all veterans for their service to our country and for protecting our freedoms. We encourage startups and small business to not overlook this important source of talent. So win the War for Talent and hire a military Veteran!


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