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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 28 days ago

There is a debate within our Team about critical thinking in America. For us, we hire and encourage a community of free thinkers. Unlike most, we ignore if you're black or white, Democrat or Republican, old or young, and all the other biased traits that people judge you by. This is one of the many reasons why we have George Floyd's death. We didn't think and act on police brutality and racism. The police that murdered and watched George Floyd die didn't think about what they were doing to a human being. The political and city leaders didn't think about relieving the officer charged after several previous infractions.

We look at your character and the size of your heart. Are you a good person and leader? Do you practice People First leadership? These are the traits we look for in Entrepreneurs, Free Agents, Partners and Investors. The debate arose when someone asked whether colleges and universities should be teaching critical thinking. If they did, shouldn't there be less racists and assholes in this world? We would hope so but being a critical thinker doesn't equate to having a heart. Just ask Derek Chauvin. You could tell that his training didn't include critical thinking and there was evil in his heart when dealing with George Floyd. This resulted in the worldwide protests against police brutality and racism.

But if you think about the issues surrounding George Floyd, it is not about police brutality and racism. Simply, these are issues of humanity. Have we forgotten our humanness and kindness towards each other? We can not teach in school about being human. We can teach ethics and building cultures/values that reflect kindness in humanity. It's up to each and every one of us to look within ourselves to disavow racism and embrace our diversity.

The call to action is this. We need more critical thinkers in America. As a critical thinker, think hard about the issues that affect all of us in the world today. Think about racism. Think about humanity. Think about how you can be part of the solution NOT the problem. Be kind to each other always. God Bless You and Stay Safe America!


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