Groupthink in Silicon Valley

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tn (Free Agent) Posted 2 years ago

Entrepreneurs are not the type to fall to groupthink. But there seems to be a trend not only in Technology but we see it also in Hollywood. This is the disturbing trend of a group becoming homogeneous. The issue with this is that innovation and disruption doesn't usually happen in a homogeneous setting. The best ideas are generated when there is debate and critique over validity of the idea. Groupthink is a recipe for disaster for innovation and disruption. Nothing but the status quo has ever been achieved through conformity of thought.

Peter Thiel, the Silicon Valley Billionaire of Paypal fame, echoes this observation as his reason for leaving to Los Angeles. "Peter thinks the same network effects that concentrate talent in the Valley (adding value) are leading to conformity of thought (limiting the generation of new ideas)," the source said in an email. "SF is still important but the most exciting future tech developments may come outside of it. Peter also thinks the Valley has become too mono-cultural and the cost of living is making the whole area more sclerotic, less vital."

What do you think about this "conformity of thought" in Silicon Valley? Let us know in our forum.


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