Freedom, Entrepreneurship, and the American Spirit

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tn (Free Agent) Posted 15 days ago

20 years later, we remember 9/11. The question is often asked, "What were you doing when 9/11 happened?' It's something that may be repressed or remembered with many emotions. Being on the West Coast when this happened, my reactions and emotions may be siloed being physically more than 2800+ miles away. But my anger, grief, and bewilderment was still there.

Who or what could do such a thing? Someone with any sense of humanity could not imagine doing anything like these terrorists did on 9/11. Horrific would be an understatement in describing what happened this day. In the back of my mind at the moment, this was some media joke or Doom's Day documentary film. As the day progressed, I found out that this was the real acts of terrorists. Terrorists who hate everything that America stands for.

Where does freedom, entrepreneurship, and the American Spirit come into play here? The American Flag has always stood as a symbol for freedom, entrepreneurship, and the American Spirit. It is a symbol of what is great about America. For me personally who fled from a communist country, America is the country we have grown to love. Even though America has her flaws, it's still considered the greatest country in the World. Entrepreneurship represents the American Dream and the Freedom for those who put in the work towards Greatness. The American Spirit got us through unprecedented times in 2020.

We must never forget what happened during 9/11. Terrorists and the Evil that lurks in the world are still there. Freedom has a price but the price can't be us giving up our humanity. We have to fight against the hate in the world and create a better Life for our children. We have to come together as Americans to prove to the World that we stand for something greater. GOD BLESS YOU AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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