Capitalist Shaming in America

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tn (Free Agent) Posted 3 years ago

There is a new victim in online shaming in America. This victim is the American Capitalist. The current topics catching business headlines these days include socialism, equal pay, minimum wage and universal basic income. If you take a look at these topics, other countries are not debating these issues in the public forum as in America. For Entrepreneurs, we are the poster-child for Capitalism. There seems to be a lot of capitalist-shaming going on these days in America.

Every economic system we have analyzed has its pros and cons. Capitalism is based on the profit motive. You don't have a good business if you can't generate profits. Many tech companies have a complete misunderstanding or ignorance of this profit factor. Without profits, capitalists can not participate in philanthropy. Philanthropy is important as it shows the good side of capitalism. In socialism and communism, philanthropy is not even addressed or discussed as if it is a taboo subject. As immigrants and now citizens of the United States, we have seen first hand how communism and socialism can kill motivation and the souls of Entrepreneurs. We have seen the corruption and mismanagement of resources under governments. From this experience, our belief in Free Agents and Entrepreneurs is unwavering.

America doesn't have the history for any other economic system. Our founding Fathers built our country based on FREEDOM. As humans, we are far from perfect. The same can be said for capitalism as it was built by humans. Capitalism is not a perfect system. But it is the best system for Entrepreneurs to excel and give back. The next time you get into a debate about socialism or communism, don't let them shame you for being a Capitalist. At FREEAG8, we are not ashamed to call ourselves Capitalists. Let us know your thoughts in our forum.


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