Who are the F500 CEOs?

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Leadership is one of the toughest positions out there in business. The buzzword trend is diversity and inclusion. But it's been slow to change the thought that CEOs were "old, white men who graduated from Ivy League schools." The truth is in the statistics below. According to the latest Fortune 500 list (2019), women CEOs represented only 33 of the 500 executives on the list. This sum represents a disproportionately small share of the group as a whole; just 6.6%. But it also marks a considerable jump from last year’s total of 24, or 4.8%.

How Do You Become a Fortune 500 CEO?

*2 out of every 3 Fortune 500 CEOs were appointed to the position internally after having worked for the company for
some period of time.
*The average amount of years it takes for a Fortune 500 CEO to work up to the top leadership position: 12.8 years.
*The average height of a Fortune 500 CEO is 6 feet.
*The number of Fortune 500 CEOs who don’t have an advanced degree of any kind on their resume: 163.
*The most common advanced degree that is held by CEOs today is a Masters of Business Administration.
*Only 2% of CEOs make a salary that is over $3 million per year.
*1 out of every 2 Fortune 500 CEOs states that they are a Republican.
*The percentage of CEOs who admitted that they were Democrats: 2%.

How Smart Do You Need To Be To Become a Fortunate 500 CEO?

*It is estimated that about 40% of the Fortune 500 CEOs have an IQ that is in the “talented and gifted” range, or an IQ
that is about 128.
*This would make the estimated average IQ of a Fortune 500 CEO to be 124.
*The percentage of women who are Fortune 500 CEOs with an IQ of 128 or higher: 59%.
* The average age of a CEO in one of the top Fortune companies: 57.
*The top 4 schools where Fortune 500 CEOs attended for undergraduate studies are all Ivy League schools: Harvard,
Cornell, Princeton, and Yale – in that order.
*In the Fortune top 100 CEOs, there are 100 Bachelor’s degrees that are held.
*On average, there are just 6% of Fortune 500 CEOs year to year that have held some sort of military experience.

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