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engagement-team (Free Agent) Posted 18 days ago

As January 2020 quickly passed us, real estate is starting off to a good start due to low mortgage rates. The real estate doomsayers are gone and there is no more talk of the R word. So it looks like the recession will have to wait til 2021 when the Presidential elections end. This is good for Trump and investors.

This is what real estate analysts are saying about 2020 so far, "During mid-January, the pace of homebuyers applying for mortgages hit an 11-year high. In the most recent week, demand for mortgages to buy homes rose 2%, and applications for refinance loans jumped 8%, the Mortgage Bankers Association says. Some 9.4 million U.S. homeowners could save an average $272 per month by refinancing, according to the data firm Black Knight."

What do you think is in store for 2020 with real estate? Let us know your thoughts and predictions.


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