Wonderful, the Tark Wallet and Exchange is about to come out.

tongzhengshijie Posted 2 months ago

Wallets are used to save money. Digital asset wallets are undoubtedly used to save digital assets. People who speculate on coins know that putting their assets in their own wallets is more assured than putting them on a centralized trading platform. In recent years, the problem of central exchanges being stolen and running away has become common. As far as security is concerned, wallets seem to be a good choice. However, it is very troublesome to transfer assets into and out of the wall when trading in the wallet. Can't you have both?

Can't have both fish and bear's paw is the past! Decentralization is the future!

Today's digital currency transactions are still centralized exchanges. According to the latest statistics, there are 30 million global digital currency users, of which China accounts for 6 million. However, most users prefer to use a centralized exchange to manage their assets. There are two main factors: first, it is convenient enough, higher efficiency, in line with people's long-term operational habits, and second, it can be realized at any time.

However, the centralized design makes it easy for exchanges to have transaction congestion in an unexpected situation, resulting in a dilemma of not being able to buy or sell, and users can only watch the loss of assets and can do nothing.
In terms of security, the decentralized exchange in the wallet is built on the blockchain, supported by many network nodes, not the central server, which makes the hacker attack difficult and the security is greatly improved. In terms of stability, the transaction process is in the form of peer-to-peer; To the degree of transparency, each transaction can be queried on the blockchain and cannot be faked. On the other hand, in the centralized exchange, only recharging coins and withdrawing coins will be recorded on the blockchain, and the transaction cannot be queried.

The wallet itself has the attribute of decentralization. The biggest difference between Tark and other wallets is the difference between decentralization and centralization, the difference between on-chain dealmaking transactions and digital matching transactions. Tark's blockchain 4.0 technology has the following advantages:
1, private key import function 2, mnemonic backup function 3, multi-currency storage function 4, on-chain dealmaking transaction function 5, secure transaction function 6, game hall function 7, online live broadcast function 8, chain query function.

From barter to banknote transactions to electronic cash to digital assets, technological innovation has been driving the development of world financial history. In the future, digital assets will become an important part of the payment ecosystem, and wallets will become the most important entry to traffic and the most important link in the ecosystem, the Tark Wallet and Exchange is catering to the needs of the times, aiming to create a global settlement ecosystem without borders and intermediaries.


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