From the perspective of God, overlooking the world

tongzhengshijie Posted 1 year ago

Whether in the past or at present, there are many people who have made great efforts to change the old order of reality.

The story of "One Thousand and One Nights" in history

It is said that in ancient times, on the ancient Arab islands, there was a kingdom of Sassan, and the king's name was Shahryar. One day, Shahryar and his younger brother Saman came to a grassland next to the sea. A girl came to them and told them that all women in the world are faithless and untrustworthy.

After King Shahryar and his younger brother Saman returned to the Kingdom of Sassan, they found that the queen misbehaved occasionally and they killed the queen. Since then, Shahryar deeply hated women and killed the palace girls. He revenged and began to marry a woman for one night every day, and the next day he killed and married again, completely becoming a tyrant. Year after year, it lasted for three years, killing more than a thousand women.

Scheherazade, the eldest daughter of the prime minister, told her father that she would marry the king, and she would try to save thousands of women. After Scheherazade entered the palace, he told the king a story every night, but she only told the beginning and the middle, not include the end. In order to listen to the end of the story, the king delayed the date of killing Scheherazade day after day.

In this way, Scheherazade told a story every day, and her story was endless, one is more exciting than one, and it has been said to one thousand and one nights, and finally moved the king. Shahryar said: "I swear by the name of Allah, I am determined not to kill you, your story moved me. I will record these stories and keep them forever." So, there was the book of "One Thousand and One Nights" ".

Both Arabs and Jews originate from the ancient Semites. In addition to the characteristics of wit and benevolence of the heroine in the article, the Arabs and Jews also have the adventurous spirit of exploring the world and changing the world.

With the development and inheritance of generations, this spirit are still continuing to the present.

Jewish merchant Ajm creates new one thousand and one stories that changing the world

In the winter of 2018, the trust of digital asset investors was consumed. Practitioners involved in blockchain were either dismissed in advance or got through the Spring Festival in fear. The blockchain and digital assets that have been around for 9 years were born in the global financial crisis 10 years ago, and it will undergo a baptism of this harsh economic cycle.

In this year, the three o 'clock community was no longer hot, and the media, investors and project parties began to practise austerity. With the continued decline in digital assets, the industry as a whole are in a downturn.

The blockchain market began to return to calm from the initial fanaticism, and people began to think about the connotation and significance of the blockchain itself. For what the blockchain is, people began to wake up from the original confusion.

The essential significance of blockchain technology is not only in issuing currency, but in reconstructing and shaping the original operation system of traditional industry, thus constructing a new contract system which is more intelligent and safer. How to maximize the value of the blockchain is the problem that everyone in the market should think about.

The old order should be broken, and the new rules of the world need to be established-the Jewish merchant ajm is determined to be the first to change the old world of token assets. The Jewish merchant Ajm is created by Jewish saint JT based on the advanced blockchain 4.0 technology. It is the twin brother of Bitcoin. It is constantly upgraded on the basis of Bitcoin and has the power to change the world, known as digital gold for the 21st century.

The Jewish merchant Ajm's vision for development is to seamlessly connect with billions of people around the world and create a decentralized application ecosystem that will transform the world.

After ten years of dormancy and accumulation, the Jewish merchant Ajm finally ushered in the opportunity to make a magnificent appearance: to change the traditional world, the large ship of Jewish merchant Ajm to innovate the global digital economy has set sail!


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