FAF will become the mainstream currency of TarK wallet, building a global real estate and tourism ecosystem

tongzhengshijie Posted 3 months ago

Have you ever imagined that you can travel in the world of global real estate and tourism with a token?

Have you ever been able to enjoy the convenience of living in the world with a digital wallet?

When FAF (First Assets Financial) meets the TarK Digital Wallet, the syncopated sparks are enough to shake the entire token industry!

FAF (First Assets Financial) is the only one in the world that has locked in real estate and tourism. It has attracted enough attention. Recently, the FAF token has another big move – it will become the mainstream currency of the TarK wallet, and work together to build a global real estate and tourism ecosystem!

Strong alliance - FAF and TarK wallet reached strategic cooperation

FAF is the abbreviation of First Assets Financial. The investment model is different from the past token assets. It does not need to lock the mainstream legal currency or stabilize currency, or hype with the concept of rare and expensive, but by raising the value of real estate and tourism services to create FAF business benefits.

FAF's investment strategy is based on the landmark buildings of major international cities in the world. It combines the operation mode of AMC activated non-performing assets and Reits real estate securitization, we can obtain high-quality real estate effectively through financial leverage. And share the investment profits with the majority of customers holding FAF, and open the win-win model of cooperation between the two sides.

Based on Blockchain 4.0 technology, TarK Wallet is a powerful super financing superman! TarK pioneered the dual-form cold wallet security protection model in the world. It introduces the top technology innovation and multi-person collaborative management function in Silicon Valley, which greatly reduces the safety factor of user’s token asset risk. It integrates transactions, games and chats to meet the need of the users.

The TarK system includes multiple functions such as private key import function, mnemonic word backup function, multi-currency storage function, on-chain matching transaction function, secure transaction function, game lobby function, online live broadcast function, and on-chain query function.

Recently, FAF (First Assets Financial) has reached a strategic partnership with the TarK Digital Wallet. FAF was launched on the TarK wallet and with win-win cooperation to jointly open a new journey to build a global real estate and tourism ecosystem!

Trump combination - jointly open a new journey of building a global real estate and tourism ecosystem

Regus and WeWork, which have risen rapidly in recent years, are internationally renowned commercial real estate leasing companies that have never purchased any properties. They use the power of the capital market to serve as a senior second landlord, cutting five-star office buildings around the world into countless small offices. By providing first-class service quality, creating more than ten times of rental profits, thereby guiding passenger flow, creating big data, and thus continuously raising the company's stock price, has become a super unicorn with a market capitalization of tens of billions of dollars.

And this is in line with the business philosophy of FAF (First Assets Financial)! According to CNN, the news giant, the prices of the world's four major international metropolitan areas (New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong) are still rising steadily in 2019, but the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum is fluctuating, and
FAF has changed the traditional thinking of launching currency and achieved the integration purpose of global real estate and tourism general settlement. At the same time, it has improved the settlement speed and economic benefits, so that the token assets are no longer as imaginary as digital currency.

Chain Plus Group develops FAF's millions of customers as the main consumer, raising the value of real estate, creating market reputation, and effectively digesting the bubble by user payment, and shares the huge wealth generated by appreciation of the real estate with the investment of the FAF, truely implementing the business philosophy of what is taken from the people is used in the interests of the people.
Not only does FAF add value to the property at the same time, it also significantly reduces the cost of intermediaries in combination with the increasingly popular international tourism industry, avoiding the exploitation of the cost of unscrupulous practitioners, and reforming the market chaos of industry’s faceprice struggle, effectively improving the tourism quality of FAF customers and establishing the high quality image of globalization and good reputation.

FAF (First Assets Financial) was launched on the TarK wallet, which will further expand the influence of FAF token and market liquidity, and play a vital role in building a global real estate and tourism ecosystem.

The FAF token has become the mainstream currency of TarK wallet. Based on the diversified trading needs of users, it provides users with more diversified trading options and maximizes the interests of users. In the later stage, FAF will also be launched on other high-quality trading platforms to achieve cooperation with more than one trading platform, and securely trade, exchange and withdraw more funds with more tokens, and maximize the circulation and application of FAF tokens to serve more users, thereby building a global real estate and tourism ecosystem!

The rising star of the industry - the creator of the new business model

With the continuous increase of the online platform, the continuous expansion of the customer base and the continuous expansion of the application scenarios, the holders can not only consume in the commercial application scenarios built by the FAF token, but also enjoy the long-term benefits of the future development of FAF, so that the people can share the future profit and dividend of FAF.

As a rising star in the industry, FAF’s development is unstoppable! The significance of FAF for the token economy is not only to quickly link the global real estate and tourism of the real economy, but also to create a token of great value in circulation and application. It will also serve as a pioneer in the blockchain's top business model, and change the way of wealth creation and accumulation with a new concept, build a bridge between service providers and users, and bring unlimited business opportunities to all parties!

In the future, what kind of legend will FAF (First Assets Financial) create for us, let us wait and see!


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