Up and Fly Entrepreneurs

Up and Fly Entrepreneurs

Everyone has a different way of inspiring and motivating themselves. For us, our inspiration and motivation has always been through music. Most of us lived through the cultural revolution of the 80s and 90s. There was an awakening during this time not only in music but also in film, business, and politics. The two songs we believe that are motivational to Entrepreneurs reflect a cultural movement. The first song is Up by Sena Kana. With the song Up, Sena Kana became the first Japanese female to have a Gold-certified single in the United States as a solo act.

Up by Sena Kana (2019)

Nothing's gonna bring us down
We're going up, up and up and up
Oh no they're never gonna take us out
We're going up, up and up and up
Up and up
Up and up
Up and up
I've always lived a careful life
Coloring inside the lines (Yeah)
So afraid I never try
I'm done with being left behind (Yeah)
It would seem counterintuitive for Entrepreneurs to be afraid of trying. But many of us fail to get up when we are knocked down which leads to us not succeeding. Success means you get up every time you are knocked down. The second song is Fly by Anu. The song was created by Tibetan rap duo Gonpa and Payag. ANU is an abbreviation for Anu Ringluk, which literally means “Youthism.”  Fly in Tibetan is translated to Phur. Their lyrics of Fly reflects those who have a passion for entrepreneurship and value the freedom you have as an Entrepreneur.
Fly by Anu (2017)
If you don't fly, this lifetime will be wasted.
If you don't fly, hope will be lost.
It's time you wish to fly. Fly
Cross over that meaningless livelihood.
After this, have faith in the amazing life force.

The advice from these two songs are 1) always get up when you are knocked down and 2) fly as an Entrepreneur to experience freedom. What do these two songs mean to you as an Entrepreneur? Let us know in the forum comments or on our Twitter feed. ALWAYS remember to Up and Fly!


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