A LETTER to Billionaires

A LETTER to Billionaires

"With Great Power comes Great Responsibility."


As Entrepreneurs and Founders, we are devout capitalists and believe that we can do good through capitalism. We're not naive that all capitalists have the same philosophy. And there are variations of capitalism which to some may lean towards socialism. The quote above is sometimes attributed to Spiderman or Voltaire but its meaning should be the purpose for every successful entrepreneur and businessman. The purpose is that you owe your success to the community and your employees who helped you get to where you are. There is power in capitalism that MUST be used for the social good.

We have always taken the stance that business can be used to improve humanity. Take the numerous entrepreneurs and business people who have became successful and gave back to their communities through philanthropy. Now with this coronavirus, we're advocating for everyone who has the means to step up and give back to their fellow Americans. We will show great examples and some not so great examples of humanity. And the consequences of not addressing this divide NOW rather than later when it destroys the fabric of America and the foundations of Capitalism.

In a panademic like COVID19, it shows the power divide between the rich and the poor. David Geffen takes Instagram private after Tone-Deaf Post about self-isolating on his reported $590 million yacht. Geffen soon deleted his post once he got pushback for flaunting his wealth while others were suffering from COVID19. For perspective, we will provide net worths from The Forbes 400 ranking. David Geffen has a net worth of approximately $8 billion.  Michael Bloomberg and his wasteful spend of over $500 million in a Presidential run he knew that he wouldn't win. This doesn't make sense from a business aspect. Wouldn't it be better if he invested a $1 million in 500 startups? Or even better $500K in 1000 small business? By the way, Michael Bloomberg has a net worth of $55.5 billion. In this time of COVID19, it would have shown real leadership to spend that amount on helping the working class. These are just a couple of example of liquidity that billionaires could use to help the working class.

Some great examples of humanity during this panademic. Pink and her son got the coronavirus and the singer let us know what they went through. As a result of her experience with coronavirus, she donated $500,000 to the Temple University Hospital Emergency Fund in Philadelphia in honor of my mother, Judy Moore, who worked there for 18 years in the Cardiomyopathy and Heart Transplant Center. Pink also donating $500,000 to the City of Los Angeles Mayor’s Emergency COVID19 Crisis Fund.

The second example is Chef Jose Andres and his World Central Kitchen feeding health care workers and other essential workers. His organization has launched feeding missions in 13 countries, serving some 15 million meals and corralling more than 45,000 volunteers. Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey created a $1 billion fund for COVID19 relief. Dorsey also teams up with Rihanna and Jay-Z to give $6.2 million in grants to various charities to fight COVID19. Just imagine the good that could be done if others followed these examples.

This is a partial solution for billionaires to help during these times when many are suffering. Do the giving pledge NOW! It doesn't make sense to wait to give when we are in the middle of a pandemic where 22 million U.S. workers who are unemployed and 300K people have died from the coronavirus as of April 17, 2020. This redistribution of capital to the working class is badly needed to avoid a depression that would last for decades. According to a Wealth-X report, "At least 175 people committed to donating a majority of their fortunes through the Giving Pledge, which could be worth as much as $600 billion by 2022." $600 billion or even a portion of that could be used to help individuals and businesses suffering through this panademic to make a BIG impact. Hopefully, this is done willingly as the working class revolution will be the result of billionaire and corporate greed.

For those who aren't billionaires, there are still little things you can do that make a big impact. Some examples that helps everyone: Check on your elderly neighbors if they need groceries. Support your local business. Tip BIG when at a restaurant. Help out at your local pantry. Or if nothing else STAY home and SAVE lives.  We are in this together and we will end up STRONGER TOGETHER when we defeat COVID19.

This revolution should not be about Democrats and Republicans. Black or White. Main Street versus Wall Street. Capitalism versus Socialism. This revolution is about HUMANITY and the fight for the working class.

We are not advocating for any political agenda or a political party. We are advocating for Americans. We are advocating for the American worker. We are advocating for YOU!  

The TRUTH is if we don't use this power appropriately, a working class revolt is coming and the consequences for the elite 1% will be disastrous. Our Founding Fathers built our great country on Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not for a few but for EVERYONE!!!

Remember the quote that we initially started with, "With Great Power comes Great Responsibility." 

We are asking that billionaires use that power to help humanity and do the right thing NOW! God Bless You and we are praying for those fighting the war against the coronavirus. Keep yourself and your families safe!!!  


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