The PeopleFirst Pledge

The PeopleFirst Pledge

At FREEAG8, we are students of BOTH management and leadership. We are advocates for the working class. We understand the working class because we are part of the 99%. One of our favorite management thinkers told us when he dies, he wants the following written on his tombstone, "The No BS Voice for the Working Class." Yes, Tom Peters actually said this. LOL.

The PeopleFirst Pledge is simple because it can be boiled down to People. This is a pledge to see and treat each other as part of humanity. But we need to start ACTING on it NOW. If there is any good out of this pandemic, it is that we help each other as humanity (#8). Below are our 8 Promises of The PeopleFirst Pledge.

  1. WE PROMISE to put People First in all our business dealings.
  2. WE PROMISE to advocate for diversity and inclusion.
  3. WE PROMISE to hire and promote more women and minorities.
  4. WE PROMISE to support our local small businesses.
  5. WE PROMISE to show leadership in our respective disciplines.
  6. WE PROMISE to be nice and practice kindness to each other online and offline.
  7. WE PROMISE to appreciate each other and always say THANK YOU.
  8. WE PROMISE to serve humanity.

Did we miss anything? This is an exhaustive list but it can be boiled down to putting People First. Take care of and be kind to each other. It's the essence of The PeopleFirst Pledge. During your eulogy when you die, what do you want to be remembered for?

Stay Strong and Stay Safe America. GOD BLESS YOU and we keep you in our prayers!

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