The Color Blind Servant Leader

The Color Blind Servant Leader

This blog is not a discussion about the technical definition or meaning of color blindness. The color blindness we refer to is color blind when it relates to political affiliation, race, religion, culture, ethnicity, and the other factors where we discriminate, either consciously or unconsciously, against our fellow human being. You can see that in politics nowadays that we are not just color blind but purely blind. This blindness has affected our kindness and compassion for humanity. It's affected our logic and our common sense. In politics these days, it has been boiled down to whether you are a Republican or Democrat.

Individuals should be judged by their actions, their character and integrity, and by their contribution to humanity. Until we open up our eyes to this blindness, we will be a nation of the blind and ignorant. We have forgot to judge people only by their humanity! Instead we judge each other either as Republican or Democrat, Black or White, and Atheist or Catholic. This lack of color blindness leads us to pure blindness. This blindness is born from bias, misinformation and sometimes just pure ignorance.

As Entrepreneurs and Founders, we have an obligation to lead this call for color blindness and humanity.  Maybe the hardest part, like every thing in business, is the execution. But for the true servant leader this should be ingrained in his or hers everyday actions and beliefs. The servant leader is a servant first and then aspires to be a leader secondly. Execution counts for a color blind servant leader not the realm of unrealistic ideas. These ideas need to be called out in business, politics, sports, and especially in Life.

We were looking for a VIDEO that exemplified our call for color blindness and judging based on humanity. This is the story of a white Trump supporter and a black waitress/activist. But the story is not as simple as black and white. Shouldn't this be retitled "an American being generous to another American with a big tip?" Republican or Democrat? NO, the lesson is that you're HUMAN first. 

The call to action for Entrepreneurs and Founders is to be nice to each other and be human first. The call to action is to be a servant before being a leader. Remember to pay it forward to your fellow human being. Only then can we change the world together!  Let us know what you think in our forum or in the comments below.

Share your smile and kindness every day. God bless you and God bless America!

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