Persistence as a Success Strategy

Persistence as a Success Strategy

In our discussions and interviews with Entrepreneurs and Free Agents, there seems to be one underlying, common factor that led to their success. Many think success is due to having a lot of capital, education, or even luck. Most others who survived the "school of hard knocks" attribute it to hunger and hustle for success. The underlying factor to hunger and hustle is PERSISTENCE. Successful entrepreneurs and Free Agents never gave up on their dreams...


Hunger and Hustle. The 2H recipe for success as an Entrepreneur. Hunger is wanting it more than the other person every day, every week, every month, every year. It's something that is inside of you and can't be taught at school. Hustle is doing whatever it takes to succeed. Do you have the 2H success factor?

Anthony Robbins, the master motivator, describes it perfectly when he says “The best entrepreneurs on earth never lose that hunger. They are hungry to grow, hungry to give, hungry to contribute. It’s more important than intelligence. There’s nothing that will stop a person who is hungry enough. A hungry person, failure doesn’t stop them.”  Are you hungry for success?

The most humble Entrepreneurs had nothing early on but still overcame insurmountable obstacles in a rags-to-riches story. They understood the value of money as they never had enough of it. Their first startup was bootstrapped with lean thinking. The concept of overnight success was 10+ years in the making. Do you have a rags-to-riches story?

Entrepreneurs who hustle realize the odds are against them. They don't let those obstacles kill their dreams and passion. Hustlers stay positive and lift those around them. They know there is always someone out there in worst circumstances than themselves. They hustle as a way-of-life because they know nothing is given to them.  Do you hustle every day to get shit done?

Do you have the Hunger and Hustle (2H) mentality for success? Let us know your success story or how your persistence paid off below or in your forum.



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