Nice Guys, Business, and Politics

Nice Guys, Business, and Politics

As Entrepreneurs and Founders, we see it as our duty and calling to bring up topics that affect our every day lives. Every day we make tough decisions that affect the lives of our employees, partners, and investors.  But the bottom line question is this, "Do nice guys really finish last?"

Ask anyone in business and politics this question and the answer to this is YES. The reason being that having the boss or leader title means making the tough decisions. Especially during intense negotiations, the nice guy will be stepped on and chewed out. Nice guys or gals won't be able to make tough decisions is the issue. The answer to this is being the nice guy or an asshole is situational and as a leader you just have to know when being a nice guy won't work. An extreme example for politics is when dealing with terrorists. The nice guy approach is probably not going to work in these types of negotiations.

The current debate in politics is the Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Both have tried to restrain from moving towards an all-out smear campaign. But some critics and Sanders supporters believe that Bernie's nice guy approach is why he is losing. Most people also agree that a nice guy approach won't help them beat Trump. Donald Trump didn't win the 2016 elections by being nice to his fellow Republicans or to Hillary Clinton.

We believe that in the long run a nice guy approach should always be used when treating employees and partners. And in executing a great company culture that employees would die for. But if you really want to win against your competitors, you will have to use your asshole persona. Many people can turn to business legends like Steve Jobs as an example.

What do you think?  Is being a nice guy holding you back?  Let us know in our forum or on our twitter feed.


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