Growing up in the WWW age

Growing up in the WWW age

Entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Marc Andersen, Peter Thiel, Mitch Kapor, Marc Benioff, Jeff Bezos and Reid Hoffman built the technology to where it is today. The WWW age for me was growing up playing Atari and using the Commodore 64/128. Growing up including learning how to use the early versions of the Apple Macintosh and Excel. The latest arcade craze was playing games like Mr Pacman, Centipede, Donkey Kong, or Mario Bros. It was an Age where technology and the Internet was in its infancy.

The 80's and 90's were considered by many as the Age of Renaissance. Not only for the Baby boomers that lived through that age, but considered several of the best decades by those beyond those demographics. The areas that affected that generation included the movies, music, culture, technology and even the politics was great. This generation lived through a revolution in free thinking which changed how they viewed the world today. They did it for the love of business and technology. Something missing today in the "ME" generation in sports, business, Hollywood, and technology where the goal is only money.

A classic technology visionary is still going today. If you haven't heard of Tim Berners-Lee, you don't honestly know anything about technology or the Internet. Tim created the foundation for ecommerce, social media, and today's innovative technology. The inventor and Father of the World Wide Web has just unveiled his latest startup from stealth mode, Inrupt. This was funded by a Boston venture capital firm on the East Coast named Glasswing Ventures. The latest startup was unveiled in an interview with Berners-Lee in Fast Company. Tim Berners-Lee is still creating the Future even in his 60's. Without Tim Berners-Lee,  the WWW age would be nothing like it is today.

Many of the early entrepreneurs, in the 80's and 90's, were operators, Entrepreneurs, Founders and visionaries. As they got older, they wanted to help other entrepreneurs by becoming venture capitalists. They had a feeling that they "owed" humanity for their success and paid back 10X versus what they are owed. This is what was meant to grow up in the WWW age. This is what it meant to play for the love of business and technology.

At FREEAG8, this is what we built the foundation of our business on. We play the game for love of the business and technology. We play the game to win and to help other entrepreneurs win.  We are "entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs succeed."

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