How Eminem Disrupted the Rap Industry

How Eminem Disrupted the Rap Industry

Eminem can be seen as the stereotypical Entrepreneur if you look at how he grew up as a rap star. Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III and grew up in a troubled childhood. He overcame numerous obstacles to become a hip-hop legend in the rap industry. This could be a case study in Harvard Business Review on overcoming reverse discrimination and entrepreneurship. Analyze Eminem's Life Story and you will see why we think of him as a stereotypical Entrepreneur.

Sometimes the best lessons are learning from those who overcame insurmountable adversity. These are our lessons learned from Eminem and his Life story:

• Do whatever it takes to support and build your vision.
• Do not copy but create your own style.
• Accept rejection as part of the journey.
• Find mentors to guide you in your journey.
• Bring together your Team of misfits.
• You will have no support system.
• Build collaborations for success.
• Don't accept the status quo or the voice of the majority and masses.
• Overnight success may take you decades so be patient.

We wanted to take a look at two of these lessons in detail as it applies to Entrepreneurs. On collaborations, Eminem has done musical collaborations with artists such as Dr. Dre, Rihanna and Elton John. He understood the power of collaborations and the ability collaborations had to help him "fit in" and get acceptance from his audience. In entrepreneurship, no Entrepreneur builds a great business alone.  He/she builds a great business through collaborations with employees, partners, investors, government, universities and other stakeholders.

The second lesson is in patience and persistence. Eminem grew up in humble beginnings as a high-school dropout living in a trailer park to decades later becoming a hip-hop legend. One of the best descriptions of Eminem's Philosophy and Life is told in Jenny Medeiros's story in Goalcast:

"Regardless of your stance towards his music, Eminem’s life story is an inspiration to anyone who feels like it’s them against the world. He makes a point to tell those feeling hopeless that even when no one believes in you, you have to be the biggest fan of your craft. He insists that you never give up in the fight to prove the world wrong. Because in this crazy, unpredictable life – you have one shot, one opportunity – to make yourself proud."

Two of my personal favorite Eminem songs Lose Yourself and Mockingbird. They represent examples of his Life Story and what he overcame to disrupt the Rap Industry. Eminem's advice to entrepreneurs would be that giving up is NEVER an option and NEVER let the world define who you are. NEVER Lose Yourself!

For FREEAG8, we are constantly looking outside our industry for disruptors and those who are restless about the status quo. Let us know what you think in the comments below or in our forum.

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