Diversity, DNC, the Business of Politics

Diversity, DNC, the Business of Politics

As we were watching the Democratic Presidential elections, a discussion brewed up about diversity in politics and business. At FREEAG8, we remain apolitical and understand the effects politics has on business. We are big believers in entrepreneurs and that business can be used as a force of good. We believe in the truth and judgment. We understand and practice diversity. The hypocrisy may be in the DNC and their stance on diversity.

If you are a believer in polls, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the leaders in the Democratic Field. The common factor Biden and Sanders have in common are that they are "old, white men." Biden is 76 years old and Sanders is 78 years old. This is not only common in politics but pretty prevalent in business and the boardroom. Just take a look at the typical Fortune 500 company and it's leadership. This can not be the diversity the DNC is talking about. But is true diversity just talk or is it about really electing minority leadership that aren't old, white men?

Does charisma count? Look back in history and you will understand this question.  The answer lies in looking at who became Presidents including Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. These candidates won by attracting a diverse group of voters.

  •  Bill Clinton
  •  Barack Obama
  •  Donald Trump

The DNC has a HUGE diversity issue in 2020!  Unless they do something disruptive, you are talking about another 4 years for Donald Trump.  Our disruptive solution, an Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard run for the DNC. Just think about how disruptive this would be: The first Asian President who is a TRUE entrepreneur with a VP who is a Hindu woman with military experience. Take a further look at Yang and Gabbard history and you would be surprised. This would send a strong message on the value of diversity.

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