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It seems like nowadays, everyone is in the consulting business. But do you know the real secrets? You know, the secrets to running, not just starting a successful consulting business.

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These are the times that try men's souls. Thomas Paine, the philosopher and author, wrote this in his pamphlet appropriately titled The American Crisis. Our current American Crisis involves tragedies that involve children trying to fix the problems caused by Adults.

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The Human life cycle can be said to be comprised simply of three different stages. Birth then Life and then Death. Two of these you can not control but the big one is where anyone can make a difference as an Entrepreneur. That stage is Life and your purpose is completely within your control.

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The American Dream has always rested in Entrepreneurship. Its foundation was built on providing a good life for your family and being your own boss which meant determining your own destiny. True wealth has never been attained by working for someone else. Take a look at successful Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and you will find this to be true. Is this American Dream dying?

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We have had numerous interviews and discussions with successful Entrepreneurs. The two common factors we have seen in successful Entrepreneurs are Hunger and Hustle. Normally, this is seen in Entrepreneurs who grew up in humble beginnings and had nothing to start with. Entrepreneurship is not easy and there is something that differentiates the successful versus the not so successful.

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Some of the most successful people in business and in Life have one thing in common to their success. They are voracious readers. There is an understanding among this group that knowledge is power. And the easiest way to gain this knowledge is through books. Research has shown that the top 1% read a lot. By a lot, we mean a lot. Read on...

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