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In business and life, there has to be a higher purpose other than making money. Purpose motivates not money in the long term. We believe any Entrepreneur can make money but it is a rare Entrepreneur that will make a difference. As entrepreneurs, we don't wait for others to lead a revolution. We are not only dreamers but doers. Will you make a difference as an Entrepreneur?

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As an Entrepreneurial Startup, the odds are against you which means YOU are the Underdog. With a 90% failure rate for startups, entrepreneurs need all the help they can get. Entrepreneurship is almost always a David versus Goliath epic story. Read on about winning when you are the Underdog and stories of those who overcame insurmountable obstacles as Underdogs.

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Entrepreneurs are known to be the disruptors of the status quo. They see trends that the majority don't see. Call them visionaries OR thinkers OR call them crazy ones OR misfits. It's not the label that matters but the lessons learned in how the Entrepreneur overcame adversity on the path to success. Remember this phrase, "Never Lose Yourself."

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Sometimes as an Entrepreneur, you feel like it is YOU against the World. Throw in parenting and you have to be a SuperHero to win. You have to be like the characters in Incredibles 2. Only Pixar could create a movie that frames this narrative so perfectly, so diverse, and so inclusively. All in the form of a PG-Rated film, something that Steve Jobs would be proud of.

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When we think about Leadership versus Management, leading can be thought of as accomplishing the impossible. The impossible can't be achieved without great teams that believe in your purpose. Purpose without passion is a formula for failure.

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Many of us have heard of the glass ceiling in Corporate America and the horror stories.  But have you heard of the glass cliff? Minorities need to pay attention to this phenomenon if they want to avoid falling off the glass cliff of Corporate America. There is an alternative solution to this dilemma in Corporate America.

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