CASE STUDY: Kawhi, Lakers, Leadership

CASE STUDY: Kawhi, Lakers, Leadership

HELLO, my brand is Kawhi Leonard of the Los Angeles Clippers...

For those in the United States or Canada, you know we are talking about Kawhi Leonard, formerly of the Toronto Raptors, choosing the Los Angeles Clippers as his new home.  As we are big NBA fans at FREEAG8, we have been keeping up with free agency just like every other sports fanatic. But the bigger lesson it taught us is about the concept of free agents and leadership.

As the news was announced, we came about this article by Bill Plaschke, a sports writer for the Los Angeles Times. The article was appropriately titled, "Why did Lakers lose Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to Clippers? Their biggest weakness." Our business at FREEAG8 is built on the concept of helping Free Agents and Entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We thought this would be a great case study on free agents and leadership.

The concept of free agents is based on the dictionary definition is a "a professional athlete who is free to negotiate a contract with any team." This also applies to business with a few changes. The business definition of a free agent would be "an entrepreneur or freelancer who is free to negotiate a contract with any business." This definition sets us up for our premise in our case study.

The case study of FREE AGENTS, INC. based on Kawhi. Leadership, Free Agents can be outlined by how he chose the Clippers over the Lakers. Examine the parts first and then take the sum of the parts to understand FREE AGENTS, INC.

  •  Management:  Jeannie Buss & Rob Pelinka versus Steve Ballmer & Lawrence Frank
  •  Location: met Lakers at Four Seasons Hotel versus met Clippers at River's Malibu house
  •  Coaches: Frank Vogel versus Glenn "Doc" Rivers
  •  Players: Lebron James & Anthony Davis versus Kawhi Leonard & Paul George
  •  Front Office:  chaotic, resignations, leaks  versus consistency & teamwork
  •  Geography:  Los Angeles, California, versus Toronto, Canada

The last one (geography) was a dead giveaway that Kawhi would pick a Los Angeles team. Did you see the $13 million dollar mansion he bought in San Diego. So the bottom line for Free Agents in business is this. Take the Kawhi Leonard negotiation strategies with you when you are evaluating your next employer, business partner, or investor. The success of your business FREE AGENTS, INC. will depend on the decision you make.  What do you think? Let us know in the comments section or on our forum.



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