Believe. Innovate. Disrupt.

Believe. Innovate. Disrupt.

Many of you have heard our tagline, "Believe. Innovate. Disrupt." We want to dissect this tagline as we are often asked about its origins. As Entrepreneurs and Founders, we believe every startup needs to have a purpose on why they exist. The purpose communicates to all your stakeholders (employees, vendors, partners, investors, etc...) why you are in business. Without purpose, your startup is only living a superficial existence based on how much money it makes. This is what we wanted to communicate about FREEAG8 with our tagline.

BELIEVE -  In the early days of a startup, the entrepreneur and Founder has to have an infallible belief in what they're doing and their mission. The doubters come in many forms including family, relatives, competitors, investors, the Media, and may also include your significant other. The one person that needs to believe in you is YOU. If you don't believe in yourself, you give others no reason to believe in you. So BELIEVE in yourself...

INNOVATETechnology and business is changing at such a rapid pace that Moore's law does not apply anymore. Ecommerce platforms have leveled the playing field for freelancers and small business. Technological advances like artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, virtual reality, and blockchain have made innovation even more important. If you haven't integrated innovation into your culture and strategy, you have made yourself and your business obsolete. Obsolescence and extinction are good things as it separates the weak from the strong. So INNOVATE or become extinct...

DISRUPT -  We were once told that disruption is good as long as you are not the one being disrupted. There is the old story that applies perfectly to business of how dinosaurs became extinct due to disruption. The Ice Age came and the dinosaurs were not able to adapt to the changing environment. Dinosaurs, some of the largest species, became extinct. The basic lesson for entrepreneurs is that if you can not adapt to the changing business environment, you and your business will no longer exist. Disrupt and reinvent yourself and your business before you become extinct. Those that maintain the status quo will no longer be in power in business. So DISRUPT the status quo...

As we approach the ends of our lives as entrepreneurs and humans, we would hope that YOU will want to be known for making a difference. Entrepreneurs and Founders can leave a legacy through their positive actions and philanthropy. We will end this with a quote, "It starts with YOU. Be the change you want to see in the World."

P.S. Have you seen our video on our YOUTUBE channel? Let's change the world together.  BELIEVE.  INNOVATE.  DISRUPT.

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Believe. Innovate. Disrupt.