Andrew Yang MATH

Andrew Yang MATH

At FREEAG8, we are big supporters of Free Agents and Entrepreneurs. We support Free Agents and Entrepreneurs regardless of political afilliation, race or gender. This is a shout-out and some advice to our fellow entrepreneur Andrew Yang. It falls to our mission of "Entrepreneurs helping other Entrepreneurs Succeed." We give Yang credit for reaching across the political divide.  Andrew Yang has been seen on Fox News along with Democrat leaning shows like The View and making the late night show circuit. It's a disruptive strategy that few of his Democratic colleagues are executing.  This is our TOP 3 pieces of advice for Andrew Yang from a marketing perspective:

Expand your Base - Trump has the white, male middle-class vote and most of the Republican vote for his marketing base. Obama had a lot of the minority vote and almost all of the Liberal vote for his marketing base. The path for winning for Andrew Yang is to add to his loyal base with all the "disenchanted" votes from Democrats and Republican base. Yang needs to run a grass-roots movement to gain more voters from both sides of the political spectrum.

Market your Brand - As Yang has not been in politics, he needs to growth-hack his brand. Yang needs to market himself aggressively to get maximum exposure for the Yang brand. His strategy needs to be twofold: growth-hacking his political brand and guerilla marketing his campaign. In our opinion, Yang's campaign should market better MATH. When someone says MAGA, most people know that is Trump's slogan and it means Make America Great Again. We had to research what MATH meant (Make America Think Harder). The biggest marketing mistake this slogan makes is it sells logic not a story. A very successful sales guru once told us "Stories Sell, Facts Tell."  The bottom line is SELL the story not the logic as you need to link emotions with the brand.

Disrupt the Status Quo - As an outsider, Yang should cast himself as the alternative to the two-party system. He should cast himself at an innovator and disruptor. Honestly, Yang will not have a chance to win associating himself with either party. That strategy doesn't have enough of a voting base to win. Many voters are disenchanted with the two-party system and want an alternative to the status quo.

Andrew Yang upped his game during the second Democratic Debates in July. The same advice given to Joe Biden we're repeat to Yang. Don't be a nice guy as politics is a contact sport. Roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty. Only until this happens, will Yang disrupt the status quo in politics.

The truth is this that Donald Trump looks like he will be reelected in 2020.  For Andrew Yang, there are more positives than negatives in running for President.  The visibility on a national platform like the Democratic Debates was priceless.  Yang has gotten visibility for his ideas, his book and the Yang brand that he would have never received if he self-promoted them.

Hopefully, Andrew Yang will read this.  What are the consequences of not reading? As a politician, you want to listen to the constituency who supports them. As a Leader, you won't have any followers if they are ignored. Easy choice and common sense for most of us. Guerilla and grass-roots marketing are the key strategies to disrupting his democratic colleagues.

Kudos to the Yang Gang for getting this far! It's a case study for marketing growth-hacking in politics for unknowns. We look forward to seeing how far Andrew Yang can get going into presidential elections 2020. Let us know what you think in our forum or in our comments section.

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