About Us

FREEAG8 is the Premier Business Platform and Ecosystem for Free Agents and Entrepreneurs. Our business is built on helping Free Agents and Entrepreneurs succeed. Did you know that the failure rate for startups is 90% according to Forbes magazine? This means that 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs will fail in their startup. Our goal is to innovate the process to becoming a successful startup and disrupt this industry statistic. We want to empower the 90% to become the 10% of startups that succeed.

Some clarification on terminology for our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. A Free Agent is simply a freelancer either in the form of a self-employed worker, gig-economy worker, independent contractor or temporary. An Entrepreneur is a Free Agent that runs a high-growth business. A Partner is an individual or vendor that provides products or services to the Free Agents. An Investor is an individual or business that provides capital to Free Agents or Partners to grow their business. These three stakeholders collaborate to create a thriving Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.  WELCOME to our community of innovators, disruptors and visionaries!

Founders Message

We want to first thank you for joining our community of Free Agents, Partners and Investors.  In the next several months, we will be scaling out our products or services. Our passion is working with Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. We have been in your shoes with the daily struggles of an Entrepreneur.  We have experienced toxic cultures that don’t value diversity or inclusion. We understand and believe in the Entrepreneurial community. We understand and believe in YOU, the Entrepreneur!

Our end goal is to create a different type of online community, a different type of viral network, an Entrepreneurial ecosystem that caters to the Free Agent and Entrepreneur.  We do not believe in the status quo or that the old way of doing business works.  Help us fulfill our mission.  Our mission is “Entrepreneurs Helping Other Entrepreneurs Succeed.” 

Listen to your story on our YouTube channel and listen to the stories of our community of Entrepreneurs on our innovations page. Check out our newest section spotlighting innovators and disruptors at ENTREPRENEUR'S CORNER. Thank you for being part of our entrepreneurial community at FREEAG8!


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