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Our epic STORY begins with our belief in YOU, the Free Agent and Entrepreneur. We believe in your power to innovate. We believe in your power to disrupt. We believe in diversity and inclusion. Do you believe?

Our passion is building the Premier business platform and ecosystem for Free Agents and Entrepreneurs to succeed. We are the one-stop platform to connect and network with other Free Agents, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Partners, and Investors. Let us help you growth-hack your business success. Help us fulfill our mission of "Entrepreneurs helping other Entrepreneurs Succeed."

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Great ideas are sparked by conversation. We believe in initiating this conversation through a business platform and entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages innovative and collaborative ideas that change the world. Amadeus Wolfe stated that “Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.” Start the conversation here and begin your great adventure.

We are students of Leadership and Management. One of the leadership concepts that we fully embrace is that of servant leadership. When a leader fails to believe in and serve their people, this is a dangerous precedent to a toxic culture and failing business. Success, at times, can be a terrible teacher. For leaders who have a long stretch of succe..

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Every day in the economy there is a War for Talent. This is not in the form of a cyberwar or a physical war with troops on the ground. The military is often an "overlooked" source for Talent to support startups and small business. This is a national embarrassment as veterans already understand the business concepts of discipline, teamwork, leadersh..

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Does character and integrity in leadership matter any more? I have been in some bad companies where the leaders are even worse. Doing the right thing is the last thing on their mind. But is this type of leadership sustainable in business or politics? The proof is in the #MeToo movement and the fallen executives and politicians. We have let this cul..

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Our Network

We are creating the largest network of disruptors consisting of Free Agents, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Partners, and Venture Capitalists. We believe in a diverse and inclusive network that fosters creativity and free thinking. Growth-hack your success network. Free yourself and join our network of disruptors.

Without Law, there is Lawlessness.  In a thriving, prosperous society, capitalism and entrepreneurship can only survive when there is Law. The best symbol for Law in America is Lady Justice. Lady Justice is blind to bias and symbolizes law with Her blindfold, sword, scale, and robe. As entrepreneurs, there is an easy choice be..

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You see it in business a lot these days where companies and investors pay "lip-service" to supporting disruptive ideas and businesses. Maybe, in a protective way, these companies are maintaining the status quo. There are many examples of this "lip-service" in technology and entrepreneurship with respect to startups. Did you believe in social media ..

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In business and life, there has to be a higher purpose other than making money. Purpose motivates not money in the long term. We believe any Entrepreneur can make money but it is a rare Entrepreneur that will make a difference. As entrepreneurs, we don't wait for others to lead a revolution. We are not only dreamers but doers. Will you make a diffe..

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We pride ourselves in maintaining a diverse and extensive network of Free Agents. Are you looking for a freelancer, accountant, consultant, or marketing guru? We have the perfect Free Agent in our network for you. Let us help you find the right talent for your growing business.

Steven French San Francisco California
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Has Security Clearance
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Kalie Boggs Charleston South Carolina
Has Degree
Willing to Travel
Has Industry Experience
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Eddie Gaxiola Glendora California
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Sumito Sugata San Jose CA
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Onamal Napa, California
Requires Some Travel
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Cal State University, Fullerton Fullerton, California
Requires Some Travel
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Real Estate Company, Inc Any City, Any State
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FREEAG8 Irvine, California
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