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Our epic STORY begins with our belief in YOU, the Free Agent and Entrepreneur. We believe in your power to innovate. We believe in your power to disrupt. We believe in diversity and inclusion. Do you believe?

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Great ideas are sparked by conversation. We believe in initiating this conversation through a business platform and entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages innovative and collaborative ideas that change the world. Amadeus Wolfe stated that “Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.” Start the conversation here and begin your great adventure.

Wave Function and Elliott Wave gold signals Every wave serves one of two functions: action or reaction. Specifically, a wave may either advance the cause of the wave of one larger degree or interrupt it. The function of a wave is determined by its relative direction. An actionary or trend wave is any wave that trends in the same direction as the ..

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Elliott Wave and Essential Design توصيات العملات Now observe that within the corrective pattern illustrated as wave ② in Figure 1-3, waves (A) and (C), which point downward, are each composed of five waves: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Similarly, wave (B), which points upward, is composed of three waves: A, B and C. This construction discloses..

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This discussion came up with the news of the thinning democratic pool of Presidential candidates. The political buzzword was People of Color (POC) known in business as simply diversity. This is hypocritical because even with POCs that include Julian Castro and Kamala Harris. The media chooses to ignore the Asian entrepreneur, Andrew Yang, and the H..

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We are creating the largest network of disruptors consisting of Free Agents, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Partners, and Venture Capitalists. We believe in a diverse and inclusive network that fosters creativity and free thinking. Growth-hack your success network. Free yourself and join our network of disruptors.

Diversity has become the most trendy word in politics and business. All business leaders and politicians will agree that diversity is important.  But in most cases, this is purely talk and no action. This can be seen in our recent presidential elections which is reflective also in the business world. The latest buzzword is DIVERSITY...

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In our lives, we all encounter the journey and The Pursuit of Happyness. It's our calling or our purpose. The reason that we were put on this earth with a special talent for humanity. For Entrepreneurs and Founders, a lot of our happiness is is tied into our businesses.  The journey is where the joy is in "The Pursuit of Happyness."

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In times of economic turmoil, leaders are born and character is on full display. The innovators and disruptors change the economic and political environment. Entrepreneurs lead in this revolution against the status quo. There is the trend of Entrepreneurs turned Politicians who are looking to disrupt the realm of politics. It may be naive to disrup..

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