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Our epic STORY begins with our belief in YOU, the Free Agent and Entrepreneur. We believe in your power to innovate. We believe in your power to disrupt. We believe in diversity and inclusion. Do you believe?

Our passion is building the Premier business platform and ecosystem for Free Agents and Entrepreneurs to succeed. We are the one-stop platform to connect and network with other Free Agents, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Partners, and Investors. Let us help you growth-hack your business success. Help us fulfill our mission of "Entrepreneurs helping other Entrepreneurs Succeed."

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Great ideas are sparked by conversation. We believe in initiating this conversation through a business platform and entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages innovative and collaborative ideas that change the world. Amadeus Wolfe stated that “Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.” Start the conversation here and begin your great adventure.

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At FREEAG8, we are big believers and supporters of diversity and inclusion. We believe that our workforce and leadership should reflect the demographics of the community and the world we live in. We believe a diverse and inclusive culture gives us a competitive advantage in the business world. This came into my mind as we were watching the Democratic ..

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Our Network

We are creating the largest network of disruptors consisting of Free Agents, Entrepreneurs, Marketing Partners, and Venture Capitalists. We believe in a diverse and inclusive network that fosters creativity and free thinking. Growth-hack your success network. Free yourself and join our network of disruptors.

In times of economic turmoil, leaders are born and character is on full display. The innovators and disruptors change the economic and political environment. Entrepreneurs lead in this revolution against the status quo. There is the trend of Entrepreneurs turned Politicians who are looking to disrupt the realm of politics. It may be naive to disrup..

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There is a myth in Life that one person can't make a difference.  History will tell you differently that this is not true. You don't have to be a SuperHero to make a difference at the local or community level. It just takes that extra effort and creativity. It only takes that one man or woman in the name of love to change the world.

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The great Servant Leader has followers because they believe in his or hers vision. This vision could be for a business or for a societal revolution. The gap that occurs these days are the lack of individuals who practice servant leadership and are color blind in their business and life decisions. Technically, color blindness occurs when you are una..

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We pride ourselves in maintaining a diverse and extensive network of Free Agents. Are you looking for a freelancer, accountant, consultant, or marketing guru? We have the perfect Free Agent in our network for you. Let us help you find the right talent for your growing business.

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